Business meeting

Why Us?

  • We inspire positive change, facilitate knowledge exchange and champion best practice in working and policy environments across the public, private, and voluntary sectors.
  • We deliver excellent content, at the right time; to help our delegates, who work in the public sector, and the customer: ie. the patient, the pupil, the tenant, the service user.
  • We bring stakeholders together to form connections and partnerships. Cutting across sectors and barriers, to reach all audiences, share experiences, and collaborate.
  • We deal with critical issues and topics that are controversial or challenging, such as violence against women and girls, building safety, and child protection.
  • We are neutral in all that we do: we are not politically, regionally, or in other ways, biased.

Our Values

  • We care about our people and are passionate about what we do.
  • We are inclusive: we promote equality and diversity in all that we do, through our events content, through our training programmes, and within our organisation.
  • We are professional: we want all that we deliver to be a useful, positive, experience.
  • We champion integrity, honesty, and openness.  These are core principles, at the heart of how we work and what we do, within our organisation, and through our events and training.
  • All we do must add value, such as through insight, for the audience for which it is intended, and to the invisible audience beyond that (e.g. the customer, the patient, the pupil).
  • We want to support the sectors in which we work: not only through providing excellent content, but in other ways, such as through fundraising, where we can.